Работа в EPAM после прохождения онлайн курсов в OTUS
iOS разработчик
Евгений Камышанов
Руководитель iOS-подразделения EPAM
QA Engineer
Антон Шапин
Инженер по обеспечению качества EPAM

Работа в компании EPAM

Engineering is in our DNA. Since 1993, we’ve helped the world’s leading companies imagine, design, engineer, and deliver software that changes the world. Today, we are more than developers. We are the experts that will take your business to the next level. We think globally, but act locally to help our customers build their brands. We believe that better software makes good business sense. And software is made better by a new way of building teams and capabilities that are dedicated to business results. We call this new way the EPAM Product Development Mindset.