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Examination Suggestions For Cisco CCNA Certification

CCNA Certification (CCNA - Cisco Network Installation and Support Certification Assistant) is the most basic certification in the whole Cisco Certification System, and it is also necessary for CCNP Certification, CCDP Certification and CCSP Certification ( which is not mandatory for CCIP Certification, CCIE Certification). Moreover, many Cisco Qualified Specialist also requires candidates to have Cisco CCNA Certification firstly.

CCNA Certification is the entry-level certification of Cisco After-sales Engineer Certification System. Through CCNA, you can prove that you have mastered the basic knowledge of the network, and can initially install, configure and operate Cisco Routers, Switches and Simple LAN and WAN. CCNA Certification means that certified personnel have basic technology and knowledge to connect to the small Office / Home Office (SOHO) Market. CCNA Certified Professionals can install, configure, and run LAN, Wan, and Dial-up Access Services on small networks (100 or less nodes). The protocols they can use include (but not limited to): IP, IGRP, IPX, Serial, Appletalk, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLAN, RIP, Ethernet, Access Lists

2. Is There Any Prerequisite for CCNA Certification?

No certificate is required to apply for CCNA practice exam, and there is no rigid regulation on the age, education background and foreign language level of candidates.

3. What Is the Way to Take the CCNA Certification Exam?

There are two ways to take the exam now:
  1. Take the 640-802 CCNA Test;
  2. Passed the 640-822 ICND1 (CCET) and 640-816 ICND2 Examinations

4. Is CCNA Lifelong?

CCNA Certification has validity. The validity of CCNA Certificate is 3 years. After 3 years, you need to take the re-certification test. If you have obtained higher Cisco Certification within two years, the validity period of CCNA Certification will be automatically updated.

After the expiry of the validity period, you must take the 640-822 ICND Test, or take any CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, CCSP Test in any discipline, or take any test with the prefix of 642 XXX in Cisco Qualified Professional Certification.

5. What Are the Differences between MCSE and CCNA?

First, it is briefly explained that MCSE and CCNA are two directions of certification, there is no direct comparability. They are more about complementary knowledge, but the problems raised by most beginners are summarized in the following aspects.
  1. From the basic requirements, CCNA has a short learning time:
MCSE is easy to use in daily application, and the single machine can meet most of its certification test requirements. The learning cycle of 7 subjects is at least 3-6 months.
  1. From the perspective of learning cost,Thecost of Cisco CCNA Test is low:
CCNA only involves one test, and the cost of the examination is USD 194. If we study by ourselves, the cost of books and materials will not exceed USD 310.

MCSE has seven tests, and the cost of the test alone is USD 489.

  1. From the perspective of employment direction,CCNA is professional:
The employment direction of CCNA includes system integration, network debugging, installation and maintenance.

The suitable positions of MCSE include system administrator, network administrator, etc.

  1. From the work content,CCNA requires hands-on ability.
CCNA is about simple Cisco device debugging and basic network knowledge;

MCSE is the management, configuration and maintenance of network and system in Windows environment.

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