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8 AWS jobs you can get with an AWS certification

The AWS or Amazon Web Services certifications open several opportunities for aspiring candidates for the job. They get lucrative pay and a good stand in the IT career. Once a candidate passes the AWS certification exam, the doors for AWS jobs open. The wide range of options that an individual gets gives him/her the option to explore different scenarios. AWS jobs after getting AWS certification credential

There are many job positions that a person can get with the AWS certification. Here are the 8 AWS jobs that an individual can opt for:

1.Operational Support Engineer – The professional needs to monitor and bring in different solutions for various operational problems. The different problems relating to the tooling of the company come under their supervision. They also assist the organization with environmental upgrades. They get an average salary between $59,000 to $92,000. This lucrative pay attracts candidates to this job.

2.System Integrator – The system integrators form a part of the team that helps in supporting complex deployments and gives efforts in troubleshooting. The job position of the system integrator requires deep knowledge about cloud computing and the working of the information systems. The professionals get average pay of about $81,000 per year. The level of responsibility of the candidates in this job is remarkable.

3.DevOps Engineer – The DevOps engineer plays the role of designing cloud solutions for AWS. This provides a significant impact on the business and improves the working of the business. The professionals work towards performing maintenance of the server and implementing any form of debugging as well as patching when the need comes. They hold a great position in the company. Their yearly salary, on average, is about $93,000 to $144,000. They get good pay and great prestige in the company.

4.AWS SysOps Administrator – The administrators carry on the responsibility of provisioning effectively and efficiently. The installation and configuration of the virtual system and related infrastructure comes under their field of guidance. The administrators build dashboards to help report and maintain the software analytics of the organization. The professionals get the chance to earn around $111,000 to $160,000 yearly.

5.Cloud Software Engineer – These engineers have expertise in programming with Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and C++. They design and implement different software systems and services. The cloud software engineers also fulfill the task of explaining complex processes and mentoring their juniors. They earn an average salary of about $63,000 to $93,000. These professionals work for the complete benefit of the company and its clients.

6.Cloud Developer – The work of the cloud developer is to develop different software services. Their work also includes developing various applications at the enterprise level. The developer job calls for great knowledge and work experience. The individuals should have experience of working as a software developer. The professionals should also have the required knowledge about basic cloud orchestration. These elements provide the most important requirement for succeeding in the job as a developer. The median salary for the professionals is around $95,000.

  1. AWS Solutions Architect – The architects spend most of their time architecting and building cloud environments. The cloud environments that they build are scalable, highly available, as well as cost-effective. They also work to provide maintenance of the cloud environment that they architect and build. They provide remarkable recommendations regarding the toolsets of AWS and keep their pace with the recent trends of cloud computing.

  2. Senior AWS Cloud Architect – The professionals have the responsibility to work with the customers and different engineers directly. They provide technical leadership as well as a client-side stakeholder interface. The architects deliver the architectures having technical aspects and show implementation efforts. They make sure of the fact that the integration of the new technology with the customer environment is done successfully. The professionals get lucrative pay of about $165,000 annually.


The field of cloud computing is growing and will continue to grow even more. Many different job positions can surface in the near future. Anyone can qualify for the AWS certification exam with effort and hard work. The efforts that a person will invest in this will never go in vain. The AWS job positions come as a boon to the interested candidates. Knowing about the AWS concepts can help an individual to excel in the cloud computing field. The AWS certification plays a significant role in broadening career options for a candidate. Not only this, but the certification also opens an array of options for the individuals to get higher pay. The job positions are very engaging in nature and entertain the knowledge level of the individual.

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